The Wefone Contacts app is a quick and easy way to manage the central directory for your office handsets. When a contact is added to your handset , the contact name will be displayed when they call you. You can also search for quickly dial a contact from the handset.

Log into the contacts app using the URL , username and password provided seperately.

Viewing the contact list

When you have successfully logged in, you will see all of your contacts listed.

To find a particular contact, start entering text into the ‘Find’ field. This will look for any matches in the First Name, Last Name and Company fields.

By default, 10 records will be displayed. If you have more than 10 contacts you can either increase the ‘items per page’ value in the bottom right of the screen, or use the left / right arrows.

Clicking on the column name (eg First Name) will sort the data by the relevant column

The actions button allows you to edit (the pencil icon) or delete (the red bin) a contact.


Adding / Editing a contact

When editing (or adding) a new contact , some basic rules apply.

The contact MUST have either a first name or last name (or both).

The Company name is optional.

At least one telephone number must be added. 

PLEASE NOTE: The phone number(s) must be in the full UK format which start with 44 , with the leading zero dropped. For example 03332000933 should be entered as 443332000933.

If all of the above conditions are satisfied , the blue Save / Update button will be displayed.


Downloading the contacts to your phone

By Default, the handsets reach out to the contacts app and downloads the contacts every 2 hours. If you have made any changes, you will need to wait a maximum of two hours for your handset to update.

You can manually pull down the contacts to your handset by following these steps.

  • Press the Phonebook button on the handset.
  • Press the ‘Download’ button.
  • Press ‘Yes’ to confirm the download.

Once complete, the handset screen will return to it’s normal display.


Looking up contacts on the handset

To lookup a contact on the handset there are a couple options.

Option 1

Press the phonebook button. This will list all of the contacts on the handset. If you want to narrow down the displayed contacts to only those with an ‘S’ in the name for example, press the number on the keypad with the letter S on it (in this example it’s key 7). You can narrow down the list further by entering additional letters.

Option 2

With the handset screen in it’s normal display, start pressing the number keys which correspond to the contact you want to find. For example, to find ‘Jim’ you would press 546

All of the contacts displayed on the handset have three phone number fields represented by icons:

A telephone handset = mobile number

Two buildings = work number

House = home number.

The telephone numbers displayed are the ones entered in the contacts app in each respective field.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing numbers on the handset wont update the contacts app , and will be overwritten next time the handset pulls down the contacts list.