As strong as the weakest link

Making sure you have a seamless connection to the internet with a service that is fit for your business.

Whether you need super speedy business fibre broadband, or a direct internet connection so you don’t share your bandwidth, it’s what your organisation does with it that often makes all the difference.

Consistent, secure connectivity to the internet is vital as more of what keeps your business operating, is in the cloud.

Secure routers

WiFi connectivity

Monitored security

Keeping you connected

Every business needs a reliable internet connection. However, not all business connections are created equal. What you need depends on what your business does and how much bandwidth it requires to operate smoothly.

Internet Essential

Fibre broadband is reliable and consistent. It is enough to allow business owners to video conference, transfer files, use cloud storage, as well as applications such as Microsoft 365 or Abobe Creative Cloud.

If you need internet for general business purposes such as checking emails or working with files and applications in the cloud, business fibre broadband is a good option. It provides enough speed without being too fast, that it costs more than your business needs. Business users have access to unlimited data plans and a static IP.

Internet Essential is cost-effective for teams of up to 20 people.

Internet Critical

Full Fibre broadband provides business owners with a faster connection that can be used for multiple business activities. It is perfect for larger businesses which have multiple people working from home, those engaging in e-commerce, or those considering teleworking on a bigger scale.

Internet Critical offers business users the choice of business internet speeds up to 10 times faster than Fibre broadband. It is great for business owners who need high-speed connections, and unlimited data plans.

Great for teams of up to 40 people.

Dedicated Internet

Looking for a dedicated connection that is’nt shared? A direct and dedicated internet connection may be the right choice for you. If your people and business are heavy users using applications video conferencing or live streaming with lots of data being shifted around the world. This type of business connectivity is perfect if you depend on cloud applications and storage to get on with business.

Depending on your business demands this type of connection can be suitable for companies with 20 people or hundreds of users.

Monitored 24/7

With heart-beat monitoring of any internet connections we lookafter round the clock, we also provide an extra layer of awareness on througput and security, often alerting us to symptomatic issues so we can manage and deliver assistance when it matters most.

How can we help?

If your business could do with some technical resilience we are here to assist with connecting the dots so that your people and business have the freedom to progress.