The digital glue that connects your team to the internet

Your internet connection matters, so does the network inside your place of work.

The network & WiFi equipment is the digital glue that links your people and the applications your business uses to the internet and with some planning and management will make all the difference whilst getting on with business.


Access points

Network security

Cyber security

Keeping you protected

Often the broadband or internet connection gets blamed for a rubbish online experience which results in frustration, lost time and business. Putting in place a cohesive and secure network that prioritises and manages what traffic is critical for your people and business to succeed, in most cases, is arguably more than important than speed. 

Firewall Router

Your network equipment is the first line of defence and secures and protects your business from the most common threats.

Ensuring your router and network equipment is kept up to date and monitored is therefore vital.

As with most technical appliances, if it isn’t managed or kept up-to-date with the latest software releases, it becomes a weak spot and is vulnerable to attack. Let us help with continual management, where we can help protect your business from malicious intent.

Network Switches

Your network switches distribute wired connections from the internet around your place of business. Desktop PC’s, Printers, TV’s, CCTV and Phones can all connect using a wired cable. Optimising network switches means that it is prioritising the traffic between your devices.

If you have slow internet speeds or issues with latency it could be due to overloaded switches which are congested and affect performance across the entire business.

With the latest network switches these can be managed to prioritise what is most important, like phone and video calls and even large files and backups so everyone is able to stay online and perform.

WiFi Access Points

Let’s face it, more often than not you connect to the internet using WiFi, but with legacy systems often dropping as much as 30% of the speed and likely black-spots maybe it’s time to look at your wireless network.

WiFi access points are the network devices that extend WiFi connectivity across your place of work. They bridge the gap between a wired infrastructure and wireless mesh network by providing a blanket of coverage throughout businesses.

Access points are key to delivering a great online experience for your clients/customers when they visit you. By creating a separate Guest WiFi your network is protected from the risk of malware, viruses and other security risks it might face.

A WiFi mesh network offers amazing benefits including; no more dead zones, full coverage throughout your business, increased speed by up to 70% (compared with standard wireless) and increased security making it ideal in any commercial environment. Helping keep productivity levels high no matter how you are connected.

Traffic Management

Imagine the M25 at 8am on a Monday morning, there are 1000’s of vehicles trying to get to their destination and stuck. The same applies to your digital network. The ability to prioritise internet traffic when the office is full of people and users getting online is within your control with the right network equipment.

A network infrastructure that can prioritise different types of traffic is key to ensuring it functions efficiently. This will not only prevent it from becoming a bottleneck, but it also allows you to control what uses the most bandwidth and where it goes. Keeping everything running smoothly is more important than ever as cloud, SaaS and mobility become bigger factors in your day-to-day business.

Bandwidth Saturation

If you have ever experienced a bottleneck if there is too much traffic on your network. it can create an impossibly frustrating experienced online. But how do you know if it’s your network or the ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Buying more bandwidth may be the easiest option, but should be considered as a last resort. Another option is to upgrade your router that has more bandwidth capacity. By monitoring your network, gathering real-time information, we can determine what is happening and how to quickly resolve saturation, often without additional hardware or broadband costs.

Cyber defence

When your teams are online, how do you support and protect them and your business from undesired/unwanted malicious intent?

When it comes to ensuring you have all of the right technologies for protecting your critical data, it really helps to know exactly what each item of equipment plays its part and ensuring your business success.

Having someone who can provide solutions based on years of experience will help ensure everything gets implemented correctly which ultimately saves time & money down the line.

How can we help?

Why not speak to us about a free network assessment, it’s a great opportunity to discover the strength of your digital environment and it costs you nothing.

A network assessment can help identify any problems before they cause disruption, downtime or worse still – loss of data.

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