There is a phone system for the way business works today.

Making every conversation count with customers and suppliers is what keeps your business running.

And your people need to be able to rely on their communication equipment & applications wherever work is done – at home, on the road, in the office, & everywhere in-between.

Office phones

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Lady using a Hosted Telephone System on a PC

Talk is cheap, collaboration is priceless

Phone calls wherever your people are

If a customer is ringing, it’s important to them. They need to be able to get hold of your business team quickly and easily.

There’s a lot of flexibility with a hosted business telephone systems as to where you can work and run your business from. You don’t have to be stuck at one desk or one office anymore. Hosted business phone systems work from anywhere.

A hosted business phone system can be set up to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Ring groups connect wherever your team are, at home, on business trips as well as the office.

No matter where work happens, with cloud connectivity and web collaboration built in, a smart hosted business phone system will help your business stay productive, reduce costs and is ready for today’s hybrid workforce.

Telephone systems with flexibility to scale

As your business grows and requirements evolve a hosted phone system offers the ability to shift and adapt to meet demands in a predictable and cost-effective way.

A hosted business phone system can be scaled as your business grows.

It also means if a business is growing at pace, it doesn’t get left behind with old technology & systems which are costly to upgrade when they’re needed most – we make sure everything works seamlessly together without any unnecessary gaps between upgrades because the hosted PBX platform has been built from the ground up for scalability.

Whether your team needs additional features or additional capacity now or further down the line, a hosted business telephone system will ensure your business runs smoothly.

There is an app for that!

Calls can take place using a desk phone, browser, or mobile app as long as there is an internet connection calls can be made or answered everywhere.

Our business phone systems come with a full suite of applications including PC softphone, mobile app for Android or iOS. We can also enable a web client that allows you to make phone calls from any internet browser while working remotely.

It means people can connect instantly wherever they may be. Collaboration is built into everything we do so your team have the options available at their fingertips to enable them communicate more effectively than ever before across all channels whether inbound, outbound or internal between colleagues, without sacrificing productivity to assist the business and thrive!

Collaboration as a Service

Reduce geographic constraints, improve your bottom line and bring your team closer together using voice, video, chat and file sharing with a secure Unified Communication platform that is part of your phone system. The result is increased productivity both individually & across your organisation which translates into real cost savings.

There’s no need for expensive and complex PBX hardware or virtualisation technology.

Our hosted business telephone systems also integrate Microsoft Office tools such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams so you can continue to use the tools your team is familiar with.

This means businesses are free to innovate without being limited by traditional telecom infrastructure which speeds up project times & reduces errors making it easier than ever before just getting on with business!

Call analytics

Call analytics provides the visability to assist business with making decisions while delivering a high quality experience across all channels at every stage. Whether it’s identifying new business opportunities through understanding who is calling, for what & how often; reducing churn; gaining insights using predictive analytics such as detecting where there may be issues before they escalate; or gaining business intelligence such as understanding customer behaviour and uncovering business trends.

Calls are recorded so you have the information available when needed – with web-based call reporting that lets you search for calls by contact name, customer ID or phone number the ability to track activity over time & in depth delivers meaningful insights to support your objectives. You also get instant access to recordings as soon as they happen via any device giving real-time insight into business operations.


Connect your phone system with the cloud-based business productivity tools that run your business by integrating with many popular cloud-based CRM’s.

By connecting your CRM system, you can create business rules to add new contacts, start workflows, and even modify records in real time, giving your customers an exceptional experience.

With business phone systems you can also set up rules to send your incoming calls straight into a specific CRM record, automatically creating and logging that call. This ensures the customer is always at the front of mind when it comes to understanding their needs & how best they are being served by your business!

The tools we have today help businesses run more efficiently.

Moving your telephone system to the cloud.

It’s not as complicated as you may think! We do it every day.

Our hosted phone systems are simple to use and quick to implement, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise organisation, with minimal disruption & downtime so that your business can focus on what you do best!

You can port all existing telephone lines to the cloud. Whilst also benefiting from adding new numbers including non-geographic numbers, or local numbers from anywhere in the UK, all managed from one account.

With a hosted business telephone system, all service and support and platforms upgrades are included offering the flexibility and assurance without the stress, and enables your business to adjust to shifting priorities.

How can we help?

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